Article Submissions

Guest articles are welcome for the Roleplaying Tips Newsletter. Thanks very much for your interest!

Guest Articles

I’m looking for tips and techniques that help game masters perfect their craft.

Guest articles in the Roleplaying Tips Newsletter and at this site are a great way to promote yourself, to gain experience, and to establish some gamer cred. in the RPG industry.

Here’s the ideal guest article:

  • 1000-1500 words
  • Teaches game masters something tangible about running games
    • “How to Do X” or “How to Solve Problem X”
    • Contains immediately applicable ideas and advice
  • Supports the goals of Roleplaying Tips (see below)

Freelancers welcome

I have a small budget available to pay for awesome GM advice and how-to articles.

If you are a pro, drop me a note to discuss pitches and (my low :)) rates.

Goals of Roleplaying Tips & Its Content

I want game masters and their players to have more fun at every game.

We can help them do that by:

  • Increasing their confidence
  • Teaching them new things about GMing
  • Helping them become better game masters
  • Encouraging and motivating them to GM more often

If you have any questions about submitting guest articles and tips, drop me a note anytime! (I personally respond to all emails.)


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