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Take a look a some projects from our coaching program members.

Illfrost offers a campaign setting whose frozen reaches will have players chilled to the bone, not only by its brutal environment, but also by its perilous challenges and unimaginable horrors.

Chaotic Shiny specializes in (awesome) fluff for D&D. They offer a series of books for D&D 4th Edition: collections of cultures based on each power source.

Faster Combat helps you cut your combat time in half without sacrificing any of the excitement or drama.

Wolsung role playing game was published in 2009 in Poland and immediately become the favourite game-of-choice for many players.

Game Knight Reviews offers reviews of roleplaying games, past and present.

The Welsh Piper released Chimera, a multi-genre roleplaying game that's easy to learn and fast to play.

Fabien wrote (in French) an amazing 200+ page book full of DMing advice for the french-speaking roleplayers of the world.

RPG GM offers tools that make the more difficult parts of GMing a little easier.

Ludo; ergo sum. I play; therefore, I am.