NERO Terms, compiled by Logan Horsford AKA Brother Lumsie

I would, first and foremost, like to thank all of the people who contributed to this list. Without them, it would have simply not been possible.

If a term is unique to one area, I have put the state in parenthesis. If the term is common to four or more states, I don't list the states as it is a more or less common term, across NERO. I am also refraining from listing specific adventurers unless a) they have been recommended by someone and b) they are a ‘household word'. Warning for the timid: There are some phrases in here that some people may find offensive. If you are easily offended, I recommend going no further. My goal was not to figure out how people should talk, but to merely record the slang they use. Some of it is naughty. I'm not going to list here which are the naughty terms – you'll just have to dig through the list yourself.

If you know of a term that is missing from this list, please e-mail me at

Active Slay: When a person has activated a "Critical Slay", but has not yet landed a hit. (MA) (Editor: In some chapters the call is reversed to ‘slay active'.)

A-game: When a person is really on with their spells or weapon abilities. You don't wanna tangle with someone who has their A-game on if you don't. (PA)

Alch: Pronounced alk, the skill of alchemy OR the actual product itself. "Do you have any alch. on you?" (NC)

Amoeba: When nearly the entirety of the town is gathered in one place and moves as a whole.  (Canada)

Apus: When someone is just completely beaten to a pulp in battle by one or more people. "He got Apused". (DC).

Ante: A monster who is easy to kill and usually carries only a single silver for treasure. This comes from the Silver-Ante poker games often played. Often used as a pronoun 'Oh look! There's Ante running away!' (KS)

Arcane: Magical effect that can only be stopped by dodge.

Arcane distraction: The throwing of random stuffed animals at something in order destroy it in its confusion. (TN)

Arcane hobling search: This was an old thing some hoblings use to do. Throw a packet at a NPC or even PC to do it. Really, there is nothing for it, just to mess with some people. I've done it and actually gotten stuff for jokes though. (TN)

Arcanum: Mage's Guild in Caldaria. (MA)

Arrowed: When someone or something gets descimated by an archer or archers. Usually not said in a sentence, just a term to say after the thing falls. (DC).

Ass Lamprey: A kiss ass, suck up, boot licker, etc. (GA)

Ass Jockey: Rogue.

Aura: A way of referrring to spell packets. (MA)

Avery Spot, The: The very worse possible place to be. (GA)

Aww CRAIG: Something typically said when you arrive on a module to find monsters that have a VERY good chance of whoopin you. (DC)

An Earth caster, especially one assigned to a fighter becomes the fighters ‘backpack'. This is because the earth caster always stays right behind the fighter, usually with one hand on the fighter ‘touch casting' earth spells.

Backtapper: A rogue. (DC).

Badderians: An impressive, large coin worth 10 gold pieces. Although not widely accepted by all chapters, almost all experienced players accept it.

Baleted: When someone or something just gets completely destroyed. Example "Man, he got Baleted" (DC).

A rogue, fighter, or mage with a small earth pyramid. (GA)

Baneball: As Marenthan Poker, but you cannot fold unless you're beaten on the table. Also called, "Chivalry Poker" from the tenet, "Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy." (GA)

Battle-Board: Using someone else's NPC card when there aren't enough printed out (usually a no no unless told to). (PA) Can also mean the PC's way of keeping track of their spells when individual spell tags are not provided.

Baseball bat swing: A full swing, usually with a two handed sword. Illegal and dangerous.

Battle Caster: A celestial or earth caster who fights in the front lines and refuses to hide behind the fighters. Also, another name for a ‘Bindomancer'. May also refer to one who casts Chaos.

Bead Draw: Random chance generator to determine if player is still alive or permanently dead. May also be used for formal magic rituals. See also ‘Draw'.

Bean juice: Coffee (PA)

Beat down: Being beaten until one goes unconscious. "He got the beat down." "I got beat down." "Let's go give him the beat down." (IL, MI)

Being on the HMO: Having "Payed to Play" you are now on the list of those who get healed by the healer. (DC).

Berzerker Brownies:
A reference that will annoy Portia to no end, but amuse the rest of us Marenthans. (GA)

Big Rock, the or The Rock:  The NPC/monster camp.  Noted as an excuse for seeing monsters appear IG out of thin air from the NPC camp.  "A hoard of Death knights just emerged from behind the big rock!" (Canada)

Big Stick:  Polearm/2-Handed sword wielder. (Canada)

Bind: Binds your arms to your sides, but your feet are left free to run

Bindomancy: Spells like ‘pin', ‘web', ‘bind', ‘confine'. People who take an excess of these spells are sometimes referred to as ‘bindomancers'.

Part of the esoteric experience point system used.

Blanket beat: When everyone in town beats down on a single NPC. (PA)

Block (also Brick): One spell of each level. i.e. I have a Six Block means he has six spells in every level. a Nine Block is also known as a Square (nine up and nine across) or Borg (he has so many spells that Resistance is Futile). Also known as Column (Col for short). i.e. 4Col means a person with four spells in every level. (KS)

Blown: Screwing up the spell incantation or throwing the packet before finishing the spell incantation. (IL, MA, MI)

Blueberry/Muffiny Goodness:  Pie or muffins (generally blueberry) eaten in celebration, or offered as a peace offering. There is some dispute as to whether the type of muffin deals with the creature fought. (Canada)

Boat: One of each of the protective spells. May also be referred to as a ‘full boat'. "Boat me up!"

Bode: A full set of protective spells (Shield, Bless, Shield Magic, Magic Armor, etc), usually referenced as "a full bode" -- an indirect reference to the phrase, "That dragon does not bode well." also: "buff", "prot" (as in, "prot up"). (Ed note: I suspect this is a corrupted ‘boat' call.) (MI)

Boffer: Padded weapon.

Boffer Smith: Someone good at making NERO weapons. (TN)

Boom chuck(er): Celestial spell caster (KS, KY, PA)

Bottled: The character's spirit is stored in a bottle, like a Lich's phylactery. (MA)

Breaker: See ‘shield breaker'. (Canada).

Brick: A heavy and unwieldable weapon. (PA)

Bright flashing: Expending a large amount of offensive skills/spells all at once, usually close to re-mem time. Keyed in the sense that a large amount of celestial magic would indeed be bright. "Uh oh, it's 5 o'clock and I still have most of my column. Time to bright flash on some orcs!" (Canada)

Broken: Can refer either to templars (due to splitting skills between magic and fighting, or when a new player attempts to play a templar) or something being over powered. ("Dwarves are broken."). Also: When you mess up your character build. Like a fighter who swings 3s but has alch levels, some magic, and a few ranks of craftsman: other. Broken: 1.Referring to a character who buys skills that are more expensive because they are not of the optimal class. A healer with weapon skills is considered broken, or a fighter with any magical abilities. 2.Referring to someone who suffers from general aches and pains, usually those who wear chainmail or do an unusual amount of running. (DC)
Broken (like Caliphar): Referring to a broken character who is able to use all of his skills well and efficiently, making them worth the higher cost. (DC)

Broken Caster: A scholar who has picked up a weapon skill and then forgets to cast in battles. (GA)

Buff: Protective spell – such as shield magic, etc. Term comes from Everquest. (IL, MI)

Bugs: See ‘sticks and bugs'.

Burned down: Creature made dead or unconscious solely by celestial magic. "I burned him down." Note, this term is only used if many spells are cast at a single creature. Nobody talks about burning down a creature if they have only cast 2 or 3 spells at it.

Bust out: Lets go. (TX)

Cantrips: Type of magic that requires formal levels and sometimes components to do.

Card: the paper showing the statistics of what the NPC is playing. Also, used as a verb to ask for said card: "Wait, did you say your goblin was swinging 100 massive? Dude, card please?" Note that card requests must ALWAYS be made politely. If you're angry, get a marshal.

Carrier attacks: If the attack reduces your body points, you are affected by the named effect on the end. For example. 10 normal sleep would cause a sleep effect if it reduced your body points.

Caster: Celestial or Earth scholar. (IL, MI)

Cauliflower: When a caster fills her off-hand with as many spell-packets as possible -- a reference to how the hand likes like the clumpy head of a cauliflower. also: "Death-Blossom", "Power-Flower". (MI, PA) v-the act of filling hands with packets.

Celestial Canon: A Celestial Caster who relies mainly on damaging spells (Lightning/Ice/Fire/Stone Bolts/Storms), unleashes a large portion of their "column" in order to damage an enemy or who is particularly adept at using their damage-spells to destroy enemies. also: "Boom-stick mage", "Eldritch Canon". (MI)

Cha: Used to replace either a noun or verb. Ex, you can grab the "cha", or you can "cha" the deal. (TX)

Charm: The charmed thinks the charmer is their best friend

Chaos: Damage taken from chaos ignores armor.

Cheese: Plot doing something that players believe is cheating. Example: Ignoring hits/spells taken by an individual who is favored by members of the plot team. To go against the spirit of the rules, but not necessarily break them. Cheesing is frowned upon. Can also be used as a noun.

Cheese mod: An unrealistic mod meant to make players laugh more than anything. (KS)

Chewies: Monsters that are hard to kill. (GA)

Chicken: Another word for Biata. (IL, MI)

Chink: Coinage, preferably gold or plats. (PA)

Chucker or Gas Chucker: An alchemist who throws gases. (MA)

Chuck Monkey: A mage who dumps all of his build into one massive tree. (KS)

Chuck Paks: Spell packets. (TN).

Chumpus: See Apus. (DC)

Chumpusmire: Term used for someone who thinks they are good at fighting or casting and aren't. (DC)

Circle Battle: See also ‘Circle Hopping'.

Circle beat: When all the PCs surround a big NPC and stand around beating on him leaving little chance for escape or retaliation (CO). See also ‘Clustergank'.

Circle hopping (old school): Jumping from one circle to another or out of a circle, into a circle in order to hit a monster but avoid being hit yourself. (TX) Also, known as ‘Circle Battle' (IL).

Circle jumping: The tactic of using a permanent circle of power in combat for hit and run attacks Come in handy against elementals and golems. (KS)

Circle Popping: Destroying a circle of power. (TX)

Circle sitter: A person who spends the entire event sitting in a circle of power or a ward, or very near one. (KS)

Circle Rez(ed): To purposefully put someone in a circle of power in order to ensure their resurrection. Also, someone being beat down (see: "beat down") then being dragged into a circle or having a circle popped up around them and forcibly being rezzed inside of a circle so no one can interfere. Sent to an earth circle to resurrect. "I circle rezzed him". I've only heard the term used to describe dropping a Circle of Power around a fallen victim and the caster to ensure that the victim rezz's. Its the "Make sure they died" way to kill someone.

Clam Bake: A meeting of the Convocation of Sorcerer Kings. (GA)

Clearly: Word used by itself for a variety of uses. It was so overused it became a joke. (CO, IL, MI)

Close and Hose: When characters close in on a target and proceed to kill it mercilessly. (MA)

Clustergank: When a group of people get around the big bad guy and just beat on him until he falls down. (TX). See also ‘circle beat'.

Components: Various things used within formal magic. See also ‘bugs' and ‘sticks and bugs'.

Confine: Binds you entirely, nothing is free but your head. See rules book for details.

Constant Vigilance: Being ever-wary of OJS. (Canada)

CoP: Circle of Protection

Copper: Coin used in a previous age of Nero. Some copper still exists, and is still mentioned in the rule book. 10 copper = 1 silver.

Corvosian Scholar: Scholar who takes sword and shield skill. (IL)

Covey: a group of County folks. (GA)

Crack Stick: A plus three 1 handed edge usually uber light with a activate imprison on it as well. (KS) An ultra light weapon. Or A +3 weapon. (NC) Or a +3 damage aura, spirit locked, rendered, and two year extend. (KS) Component used to light up a cantrip. (PA)

Craftsman (other): Skills that can be taken which have no direct combat value. Usually either lores (Craftsman other: Undead lore) or crafts (Craftsman other: Underwater basket weaving). These may provide information or a certain amount of silver per day. Usually taken for strictly roleplay value.

Creamy Nugat Center: Wherever the healers are in a battle formation. (GA)

Crunch: (v), To do an NPC shift or to play a crunchy. (KS)

Crunchy: A monster (or group of monsters) who repeatedly attacks a party, usually the base camp for the town, repeatedly but has no direct plot or role-play interaction; also a monster in a "mod" which isn't strong enough to pose a threat other than through attrition -- a reference to how the players "crunch" the monsters up like popcorn or potato chips. also: "rolls", "walking silver".

Damage cap #: The monster takes # damage from any attack > #. Monsters call 'reduced' when this ability is used.

Dance: To practice fighting, based purely on skill and not on strength and stamina

Dark ale: Cola (PA)

Da stick: Another word for sword or whatever weapon you happen to wield. Example "I'm gonna put da stick to em" (DC)

Deal: The situation. (TX)

Death Blossom: When someone is holding a lot of packets in one hand. (IL, MI) See also ‘Cauliflower'.

Death root: The one tree root that everyone in the game trips/falls over (GA)

Decoy's lesser DFM: to have a trap rouge destroy a magic item by hitting it with an 80pt massive mechanical rather than waste the components needed for a DFM ritual. (PA)

Delorted: See Baleted. (Canada)

Derth: a "group" of Ducal nobles. There are currently only 2. (GA)

DFM: Destroy formal magics. (IL, MI, PA)

Didikai: A gadje male or female who is treated as familia by the gypsies. This honor is not given lightly, but is a serious blood oath made by a prominent member of a clan to protect the recipient with their life if possible. (NC)

Dip: far far away. (DC, PA).

Dip Phrase: A phrase agreed upon before a battle begins that is the universal cue to run. (DC)

Dodge monkey: an assassin rouge with 4 or more dodges or a player who is extremely difficult to hit with a packet attack (KS)

Dominate: Type of charm, see your rules books for details.

DOMOP (guild): Dirty Old Man On the Porch. See: Lanesh, Darien, Kymri, Nanosh, Morgan, Thermo. (PA).

Donut: An expression referring to a lame person. It means the person is a big fat zero. There is some debate as to whether or not this can refer to newbies. (GA, PA, TX)

Doom Slay:
A critical slay with a damage call of "64 magic." (GA)

Doom Stick:
A five times a day death item. (KS)

Downtime: Periods of inactivity.

Do you need a magic armor?: 1 Waylay (TX). IE "I am going to have someone knock you out."

Do you need a shield magic?: "I'm going to kill you." (TX)

Dragon Poker: A variant of ‘Hi-Lo'; card game. (IL, MI)

Draw: When you res, if you have used up your first two (freebie) deaths, there is a percentage chance you will perm, in factors of ten. Hence, ten marbles are placed in a bag, so many of which are black and so many of which are white. Drawing white means you res, black means you perm. This action is called "drawing". Term is also used for casting a formal ritual in dark territory, as you use marbles to determine result.

Getting beaten until unconscious.

Dub: A noob that never learned anything and is still a noob after years of game play (TX). See also ‘sped'.

Elemental shield:
Stops the next attach with 'elemental' in the damage call, call 'elemental shield' when struck

Endurance mod: Module in which excessive physical activity (hours of walking, fighting, etc) take place. (IL, MI)

Eerie Feeling, the: "Sensing" bad happenings a-coming, because you saw OOG NPC's walking by or getting into position near you. A form of metagaming. (Canada)

ET-13: A transform - specifically, and uber powered one. This one was amazing because it started out your way, and moved east, hitting the coast on which ET-13 actually resided long after coming into use in the Midwest.

Eureka! Moment (moment in time):
To kill, or have the properties of....just kidding. The instant your brain figures out a particularly difficult puzzle or trap. "We were sitting there for two hours before Ix had a Eureka moment and asked, "Dreams?"" (CO)

Familia: The immediate gypsy 'family'. Does not necessarily refer to those who are related by blood. (NC)

Flamingo Fu: a style of fighting in which a sword and board fighter will balance on one leg extending his shield out as far as possible making his opponent unable to land a hit on him. A form of turteling and no longer allowed by Nero. someone is standing on one leg their leg is exposed and is not turtling. (KS, PA)

Fangomancy: Magic by means of odd facial contortions and gestures. (GA)

Fell into your Mashed Potatoes:
When a player goes out of game and puts his white headband on and leaves a rep, particularly at a tavern. He is said to have fallen into his mashed potatoes. (KS)

Final embrace:
Everyone dies. And it's not a Final Embrace unless you killing blow yourself and at the same time killing blow the person you are embracing. This has nothing to do with the crappy mini series Kindred: the Embraced or other vampire thingies. (TX)

Five Stages of a boring event:

Stage 1 - Players are getting bored and some start chatting OOG.
Stage 2 - Players start sparring and throwing packets at each other.
Stage 3 - You start talking about who you could kill and why.
Stage 4 - You start making actually plans and work out the details.
Stage 5 - People start rezzing.

Flaw Surfing: (Old School): Casting formals in hopes of receiving a good flaw.
(More often then not there were sex changes and blue hair)

Flicker Imprison Fighting: Using "Activate Imprison" as a defense to avoid many attacks, dropping it, attacking and then Imprisoning yourself again until you win the fight. (TX)

Float Home: Returning to town as a spirit to resurrect. (MA)

Floon: The measure of your gaming karma. When you're all psyched to play or run a game, your floon is high. When you can't figure out why, for the life of you, you keep participating in such an inane hobby, your floon is low. For people who run games in various ways, the quality of what you run usually stems directly from the measure of your floon. (GA)

Formal Magic:
Magic requiring formal levels, a circle of power and components to do.

Full Boat: One of each of the protective spells. May also be referred to as a ‘boat'. "I've got a full boat". Full Boat (n) or Full Boated: (adj) Having the maximum amount of protectives.

Food: Can be used to refer to Byata (the bird like creatures). (IL, MI)

Four column: Having 4 spells each level 1-9

Fumigate: To have all your alchemists unleash their gasses at once. (MA)

Gabriel's Half-Assed Obliterate: Killing a character, then performing their resurrection, and deathing them upon re-forming. Should be accompanied by the verbal, "Is it a hostile circle now, Jackass?" (MA)

Gadje: (pronounced GAWD JAH) A non-gypsy person. Sometimes used in a derogatory manner. (NC)

Gak(ked): Killed.

Gank: to kill, to overwhelm, jump. Often by surprise.

Garn, The: Something so uber that it's unbelievable, as in "That was the Garn!"

Gassed down: See ‘burned down' but done with alchemy gas globes. (IL, MI, PA)

Geeba: One word language for Goblins (GA)

Geek: n. a person who plays NERO. v the act of talking about NERO or in character while not at an event.

Genesis Effect, The: What happens after a horrific battle when a healer Life's another healer, who in turn Life's more people and another healer, who in turn Life's more people and another healer, and so on. (GA)

"Getting a Massage": Yeah, you figure it out. (TX) (Editor: I have absolutely no clue what they are talking about as I actually get real massages.)

Get your roll on: The act of rolling (insert pronoun). (IL)

"Girlfriend Healer": a person who plays a dedicated Healer, and is generally a pacifist. (MA, NC)

Girl Treasure: Treasure given to someone based on gender and appearance. (TX)

Glow: Spell packets(usually active or in-hand) (KY)

Gnome Dance, The:
Amaris' last ditch effort to get a laugh. (GA)

Gobs (Goblins): Points given for aiding a chapter. These points have a wide variety of things they can be spent on. See your local chapter for details. Sometimes called ‘brownie points'.

Got it: Fine or understood. Also, an acknowledgement of receiving damage from an attack. (IL, MI)

Going fishing: Killing players with massive mechanical traps. (TX).

Good Buddy: Dusty Richey. (TX)

Good Game: You're super cool. (TX)

Go-to-bed Monster or Nighttime Troll: Slang for a really big mob sent out while all the other NPC's are headed to bed, as a suggestion that it's time for the PC's to go to bed too. Doesn't always work. (MI)

Gravity Well: Spot in the field where people are just lying around and others tend to gravitate towards them and end up lounging there as well. (MA)

mixing metaphors. Example: "That is like putting the cart before the chickens they are hatched." (GA)

Groin shot: Hitting in the groin with a boffer weapon. (Illegal)

Guard Dog: A "big stick" posted at a staircase/doorway/hallway to slow down/deter monsters from trying to enter, generally with their weapon pointed straight out. (Canada)

Gypsy Pile: A group of gypsies trying to stay warm on a cold night by sleeping in a huddle. (NC)

Hairless: An insult. Much like calling someone a chicken. (DC)

Headlights: Used to point out that death knights are heading our way, represented by their glowing eyes which are seen first. (State?)

Head, hands, "head": The 3 no hit zones. (PA)

Head shot: Hitting in the head with a boffer weapon. (Illegal)

Healer's Square: Nine columns of earth magic.

Healer's Tail: A scarf or piece of rope worn tied to the back of a fighter's belt. The purpose is so that a healer can hold this and be able to stand back out of the range of an opponent's weapon while still able to touch-cast and thus not have to worry about missing with a spell-packet. (DC)

Helicopter: To rotate randomly around the body to different targets when fighting. (IL)

High Repetitive Damage: High damaging boffer swings, known to take down monsters that are immune to other effects. (IL)

Hobling fodder: The hobling always goes first and dies first (RK?)

Honey pot: a really weak crunchy with A LOT of treasure (GA)

Hook: An NPC that comes into town for the sole reason of getting people ready for a mod. They are usually frantic and say things like "I need help" or "my farmhouse was overrun by giant squirrels".

Hosed: Defeated, cheated. (IL)

HRA: ‘Hot Rear Action' – refers to a rogue or using rogue skills upon someone. (IL)

Huggy bear:
Moving in so close to your opponent that you must reach around and tap him on the back in order to get a hit in. (KS)

Huzzah: Hurray. (PA)

I hate your face: "I love you big baby." (TX)

I like Donut: A bad Role-player. (TX)

I got treaaasssure...: A taunting, chanting call sometimes used by dumb NPC's to instigate fights with PC's, and sometimes used by PC's to mock the recently deceased NPC's. Sometimes followed by Greg's reply of, "Not for long, you don't." (PA)

I love it!: "Got it." (TX)

Immortal: Rezzing allot (TX).

Incant: Spell incantation.

Ink: To have a death added to your card. Used in PvP conflict as a showboating term. "I'm gonna ink you", "We inked him", etc. (IL)

In the bag: As above, a person whose two freebies are used up, and if they die, there is a chance they will perm.

I swear on a dead cat:
I'm actually telling the truth. (TX)

It's all you: Go for it. (IL)

Januss Falls: Old code word to alert teammates to launch a sudden attack. "Are you from Janus Falls?" Grew over time to include launching a sudden beat down on anyone who claimed to be from Janus Falls. Was very unfortunate for some people as an actual Janus Falls existed. Their residents suffered greatly. (IL, MI)

JGT: Jester's Guild of Tyrria

Jimmy: Nero safe word for well, your jimmy. (TN)

Jones'in: Traveling to other chapters, committing crimes and returning to hide in your home chapter like a coward. Also, Jones'in: a player who is freaking out because after years of theft, murdering people, and casting mancey other players are finally standing up to him. (TX)

Junk: A man's private space. (TX)

Kacked: Killed. (KS, GA)

KBA: Killing Blow Active: A term for NPC's meaning they are allowed to administer killing blows. "Hey, those guys are KBA!" (IL, MI, PA)

Kalvine Darkseed:
John Doe. Name given when you need a name that sounds plausible but you don't want to give up your actual name. Was unfortunate for the actual Kelvine Darkseed as people would not believe it was actually him. Old term. (IL, MI)

Keebler: Mystic wood elf who is way too androgynous (there are no female keebler elves! Not in cookie form or on any of the commercials!) (PA)

Ken: Usually used with the prefix "Because I'm...". Guy who can do anything at PRO cause he worked his tail off for over 11 years making our addiction a reality. (PA)

Kick im inda teef: Translates to 'kick his butt'. Usually used jokingly, when spirits are high. (DC)

Kill Me Trolls: crunchies that come out at 4am just for Jera to kill. (GA)

Kill phrase: (n) 1. A word or phrase which, when spoken, indicates to the friends or companions of the speaker that they should immediately attack the person with whom the group is interacting. Usage: "So our kill phrase is going to be 'General Yurick, give the man some gold'" (NC)

Leg hunter: One who constantly pounds a targets leg. (KS)

Lets grill: Go offsite to eat. (TX)

Levels of Evil:
The perils that Tyrangel faces can be broken up into different levels of evil. Minor evil is Puppy-kickin' Evil. Worse than that is Mama-slappin' Evil. Then, Lich-makin' Evil, and, finally, the ultimate Evil is Kitten-eatin' Evil. (GA)

Lock and Load: Open a "Boltstorm" or a "Bane the Dead." (NC)

Lock Up: When you jump out at somebody and there arms go up as they stare blankly in shock and forget to do ANYTHING. When someone is Moe-faced, they are "locked up" as per the above definition. (TN)

Lollygagger: A PC/s that wait in a common combat area for the action to come to them. Example of incorporation "Oh, stop lollygagg'n and just start moseying" (FL)

Loose: NERO players' spelling of "lose"

Love/love 9: Victim is 'loved' to the next person of the appropriate sex they see, may be role-played in a number of ways, from simply watching over their well being, giving gifts, proclaiming the love, sending secret notes, etc...

Head of the Dragon Poker guild. Famous for various insanities, wealth and breaking the NERO economy in various states. Insane character that forced the in game economy out of the copper phase and into a gold based economy. Was a Dragon Mage in five chapters, retired when plot offered to do horrible things to him (see ‘personal plot'.) Guy who is editing this work. Also known as Brother Lumsie, AKA Brother Lumsie of FA, AKA The Fa King Son of a Litche AKA Betty AKA Brother LooseBooty (Ssar name).

Maatta: See "Mo" and "DOMOP". (PA)

Machine Gunning: Hitting the same spot repeatedly with your weapon (is against the rules). (MA)

Magic armor:
Stops the next weapon strike that hits you, call 'magic armor' when struck

Making eyes: Trying to pick someone up without using words (TX) (Editor: Is this a common NERO term there?)

Marentha Poker: A seven-card stud derivation. Jokers, 3s and 9s are wild. If you're dealt a 3 face up, you must match the pot or fold. If you're dealt a 4 face up, you may pay in the minimum amount to receive an extra face down card. Also called, "Baseball." (GA)

Marenthan Wine: coffee. (GA)

Player who has taken a test to prove he/she knows the rules. They should be able to answer almost any question you may have. And deserve respect for their hard work.

Massage: The act of in-game sex, acted out in the form of, you guessed it, a massage. "Can I interest you in a massage? *wink*"...also, Masseuse, an "easy" IG character. (Canada) (Editor: Holy cow! I never guessed that when I was asking for masseuse volunteers in Canada that this definition was understood. I meant the real massage experts!)

Massive: Damage is taken even if the blow is blocked by a weapon or shield, and also ignores armor in some chapters.

Max out: Spending coin or goblin points to increase the amount of build gained per event. Be sure to ask about this.

Meat shield: the tactic of Using a character to block incoming packet attacks from hitting more vulnerable characters. I.e. you've been hit with a nausea poison, so instead of getting a purify cast you step in front of your team and absorb all of the incoming gas attacks. (KS) Also, can refer to any front line fighter. (IL, MI) Also, A fighter of any flavor that can do nothing but fight. This term defines the fighter's use to a healer. The healer stands behind so that they can touch cast as needed, and the meatshield takes the incoming swings in any way necessary to keep the healer safe. (DC)

Medical Forge: Allowing a fighter-type to change temporarily to a scholar for physical/medical afflictions such as sprained finger, sore back, etc. (Canada)

Taking out of game information that one's character shouldn't know and using it anyway, usually for a benefit. Note, this is illegal.

M.I.: Magic Item. (TN).

Min/Max: Standard roleplay term. To spend one's build with the express purpose of maximizing character combat effectiveness.

Miscant: See ‘Mischant'.

Mischant AKA Botch: messing a spell up. (PA)

Mo: Someone who has no concept of how the game is played, or the limitation of their character but thinks they do. The ‘Mo' apparently is short for ‘Moron'. "Mo" can also be used as a verb. Most commonly used when one enters a mental stupor as a reaction to some outside action. ie. "When John got hit with the web spell, he Mo'ed and forgot to scream." (PA, WA). See also ‘Sped'.

Mob: Large group of monsters, or a single monster. (Editor: From online gaming, Mobile Object.)

Mod or Module:
An adventure usually designed for a small contingent of players to advance a small portion of the plot, achieve a minor goal, or simply find treasure -- a reference to the printed "Dungeon & Dragons" adventure packets. (IL, MI)

Monstering or Going to monster: The act of playing several NPC's of varying type and description, generally generic monsters.

Monster Camp: I gather this is called Monster Town elsewhere. The OOG HQ where NPC's are organized and from whence many wave battles come.

Moseying: A PC/s that wander in a general area looking for combat Example: "Well, I'm bored shall we Mosey?" (FL)

Mosh: A big fight meant for all or nearly all of the town, where 90% or more of the NPC's are participating. Usually called a "town mosh", and usually Sat. afternoon or early evening. (PA)

Mundanes: People who don't play Nero, but come during an event and gawk. (IL)

a group of Marenthans. (GA)

MWE: Mystic wood elf.

Mystic Energy: Slang for spell packet. (IL, MI)
NCF (Newbie Cluster Fight) - (Edited from the original meaning for the F) When the newer adventurers find the few creatures on the field in the big final fight that can be affected by normal weapons, surround it and pummel it with 2 normals. (DC, NC)

Newbie Training: Training for new adventurers where we discuss the important aspects of the game, such as the hold rule, death count, etc. (PA)

NSG: Stands for No Style Guy, defining a person that really has no method to their madness when it comes to combat. Often a very tough opponent to beat. (DC).

Necro-chuck: Someone who casts necromancy. (PA).

Nero Burger: Nasty food (most often 3 day old stolen cafeteria food) that has not been properly stored but you are so hungry you eat it anyways. (PA)

NERO Dreams: The especially vivid dreams you get while at NERO events. (IL, MI)

Nero Funk: That bad smell coming off of you after a good event. (PA)

NERO Standard Time: anywhere from 1 to 2 hours after the announced starting time of any game function. (GA)

Newbie Flail: The aimless flailing shots of a player either new to combat or who never improves. (MA)

Nice shoes: See pancakes.

Ninja: To do something with utter stealth, speed, and efficiency. As in we totally ninja-d the mod. (PA)

Ninja-looter: see catfish above, but usually someone who can loot so fast the monster isn't done taking a knee before their hand is out. Can also refer to a person who loots other people's kills, and does not give the loot to the person who killed the creature. This is generally used as an accusation, and can easily start a fight.

Noob: Someone who is new (IL, MI, TX) Also spelled ‘n00b'.

Noob Tooler: One who hunts and kills newer players for their gold or items or just to be a prick, mainly because they are easy prey.

Noonah: Phenomenal cosmic power. Noonah is usually earned by rubbing the belly of a powerful NPC. (GA)

Norking: Hiding your entire body behind a shield without allowing a legal target. Officially called "Turtling." Named for the person who made the anti-turtling rule necessary, Nork. (GA)

Norms: People who don't play Nero, but come during an event and gawk. (IL).

Nova: AKA Noveaux Valdou. AKA The Sleeping Prophet. Famous for sleep casting.

Nub: Someone not very good at the game (donut). Non Useful Body. (MA)

OCS: Craftsman Other Skill. How the letters got transposed is a legend lost to time.

Oldbie: The opposite of a newbie. (MA)

One Hander: A weapon taking one hand to legally wield.

One room module: Circle Popping and killing everyone in a cabin so you can steal their stuff. (TX)

Operation Junk-Shot, "OJS": Giving up on your normal battle strategy and just nailing them in the jimmy. (Canada)

Openin' Up A Can Of Whoopass (phrase): To kill, or having the properties of killing, or producing the effects of killing. "When I rezzed, I went up to Timmy and opened up a can of Whoopass on him." (CO)

Orcish Book of Porn: An orc that carries around a magic book that only he can open and claims to have...interesting pictures of female orcs. (GA)

Order of Light: Healer's Guild in Caldaria. (MA)

OSG: Stands for One Sword Guy, defining a person that uses only a single sword as their preferred fighting style. (DC).

Packet: Birdseed filled square of cloth that is used to phys. rep. magic, alch., or any other non-weapon thrown object

Pancake(s): Old code word to alert teammates to launch a sudden attack. "What did you have for breakfast today? I had *pancakes*!", etc. Little used currently as it has become too widely known. Sometimes substituted with ‘waffles'. Can mean ‘everyone dies' pancakes/spoon/fork/would you like some silver - signal words to start a fight, as in "I am hungry...I think I will eat some pancakes...20 magic 20 magic 20 magic". Alternately, "Would you like some silver?...10 silver 10 silver 10 silver".

Pay to Play: Giving a healer a component in order to assure healing. (DC).

Peanut Butter Jelly Time: The time when the games are over and the slaughter begins. (DC).

Peppermint Party: where you lure all the sars into a giant pile without weapons over a stack of peppermint, then pull the trip wire.... (TX)

Perm: (v), To not resurrect and be permanently dead. To draw a black stone.

Perminator: A player who has a reputation for killing other players to the point of permanent death. (KS)

Personal plot: Plot that concerns your character individually or a big black floppy dildo but often both. (IL)

Pez Dispenser: An Earth Caster who only casts healing and protectives and does not cast offensively. (Dallas) (GA)

Phat lewt: Treasure.

Phys. Rep.: Pronounced "fizz rep", short for physical representation.

Pig Sticker: A very basic sword with no distinguishing marks what so ever. (PA)

Pillow Packets: Sewn packets. (IL, MI)

Pin: Pins your right foot to the ground

Ping-Pong: When a pair of Rogues set up opposite of each other so if the monster faces one, the other one gets back shots. When more than two rogues do this, it is generally known as a Rogue Circle. (KS)

Pixie stick: A weapon rep made with the absolute longest handle possible, usually a long or short sword. (IL)

PK'er: Player Killer. A person who PC's for the sole reason of killing other players. Generally frowned on. (KS) PK'er: Many player killers don't just play to kill other players. (PA)

Plat: The new platinum piece. 1 plat = 10 gold. (PA)

Plot: The committee who writes the plot line for any given chapter

Plot Cheese: (n), 1. Stupid or poorly executed plot Ex: First, we'll hike for three hours in the mud, then we'll fight to see who's king! 2. Plot which is overpowered and un-fun for the players. Ex: Sending out death elementals to rift in and kill people in their tents while they sleep

Plot says yes card: An NPC given full latitude to do whatever the heck he wants usually to hook a mod. (KS)

Plot waffle: A person who wants to make a change in their character and allows plot make that come about in whatever way plot devises; also a PC who volunteers for plot to make their life… interesting. (FL)

PNS: "Post-NERO S***". The last word may also be substituted with shower or shave. (IL, MI) Also known as Post-NERO Syndrome, to denote the 'morning after the event before'. (KS)

Poison shield: Stops the next non-ingested attack with 'poison' in the damage call, call 'poison shield' when struck

Poor Man's Obliteration: Being killed 3 times in a row, because either the resources to perform the obliteration are not available, or no one wants to expend them. (TN)

Poor Man's Spirit Walk: Resurrecting. (TN)

Pop. n: The act of an NPC of coming into game.
n: When used in plural (pops), it refers to the number of times that an npc monster can die and come back as another of the same type of monster before returning to NPC camp.
n: The act of destroying a Circle of Power. "The circles popped last night". Can be used to denote any magic item or formal protection either being DFM'ed (having a Destroy Formal Magic ritual cast on the item to make it no longer magical) or expiring. i.e. Yea, my sword popped last event. Dang, that mob popped the ward on the earth guild last night. Pop is also commonly used for expiring tags, e.g. "Sorry, man. Can't give you the forge set. All my sticks popped." Poped: Referring to a Magic armor... meaning you used a magic armor...."Yeah, he hit me and popped my magic armor."

Pop a stick: Use a component. (PA)

Popcorn treats: monsters who die so fast its like listening to popcorn pop, down, down, dododown down down. (TX)

Possumming: Prenteding to be bleeding out. (MA)

Power-gamer: There is some debate on what this term refers to. It seems to be agreed that the player ‘min/max' his character. Some are good role-players, some are not.

Prepare to die: Someone has activated a slay ability, they will be swinging for very large damage until they hit something (or 5 minutes runs out)

Privateer: A pirate who pays his taxes. (GA)

Production Points: Part of the esoteric potion/alchemy/scroll making formula.

Production monkey: Someone who enjoys spending build points on production skills, or a Grandmaster at a production skill. (Canada)

Prof Monkey: A fighter who buys nothing but profs in one weapon and no other skills. (KS)

Protective(s): (n), spells which protect, often referring to Magic Armor and Shield Magic.

Public Flogging: And open and "public" beat down of a PC (GA)

Puffer: someone who learns just enough alchemy to throw gases, but cares nothing for the art itself. (GA)

Puzzle Mod: (n), A mod or encounter based on solving a puzzle rather than combat.

Raccooning: Forcibly race changing a character into a raccoon scavenger for the enjoyment of the local raccoon scavenger. This term has since been broadened into any action of forcibly race changing a character. Addition to Raccooning it is also called Cooning, or Cooned. As in, "Damn, did you hear? Faustus got cooned."
(IL, MI)

Raunch City: aka 4am at the Healers' Guild. Silly hour when the PG-13 rating gets thrown out the window. (GA)

Rendered: Something that has been rendered indestructible through ritual magic. (MA)

Repop: After an NPC character dies, the NPC goes a ways off and three counts coming back in. Also, n: The act of returning to play the same type of npc monster after just being killed as that monster. Also, n: Usually 6pm. The time designated to regain taggable skills, and for magic users to rememorize their spells.

Re-Up: Usually around 3pm when players regain the use of their skills. (PA)

Re-up: Time when all skills come back.

Ret-Con: Retroactive Continuity. Changing your character history to fit your present needs. Happens a lot in comics. (GA)

Rez: Resurrected. "We rezzed him." "I need a rez." "You want a rez?" Rez: (v), To be killed and resurrect in a circle.

Rhino-Hide, (Rhino-Hider): A description of a player who doesn't take their 'hits' or doesn't take damage -- a reference to their apparently thick hide. also: "Craftsmen Other: rhino-hide", "shelling

Richie monster: no point in chasing it because it is faster and knows the woods better than you, PIN IT! (TX)

Richey Rule, a: Any chapter specific rules changes that target only one or two players. (TX)

Ride dat Donkey: To pummel someone into complete and utter defeat. (DC)

Ride the hot seat: The act of manually setting off a trap while holding or "sitting" on it. Usually an explosive trap. (IL)

Rits: Formal magic rituals.

Rock his face apart: Win. (TX)

Rolled: Robbed; usually refers to someone's person rather than their cabin. For their cabin being robbed (ie breaking and entering) see ‘rogued'. Rolling is sometimes committed as a joke. Note that rolling newbs is an easy way to bring all kinds of pain down upon yourself.

Rogue Circle: When a group of Rogues surround a target so that anyway it turns, there's always a Rogue behind it, allowing Backstab abilities to be used constantly. (NC).

Rouge: NERO players' spelling of "rogue"

Rogued: Robbed; usually refers to someone's cabin rather than their person. For their person being robbed (ie mugged) see ‘rolled'. (IL, MI)

Rolled: Defeated. To roll someone is to beat them down, usually by surprise.

Rollplay: When you mean to kill someone instead of talking (TX)

ROUND 4!: Loosing to a mind flayer. (PA)

Round trip discount: Then someone goes on a module and dies and then goes on the module again in the same event, usually succeed the 2nd time because the monsters are weaker? (GA)

Rub the Belly: When a PC sucks up to a powerful NPC on a quest for power. (GA)

RUG: The main NPC in a field battle. i.e. The one that gets beat like a rug. (TN)

Rule #1, The Golden Rule: Don't Do Dumb. Also "DDD". (Canada)

Rules lawyer: Someone who quotes rules and tries to find loopholes in them

Sack: A dumb person. May or may not be gender specific. (TX)

Sarr Battle Magic: Chaos.

Scav/Scavvie: Referring to a racial scavenger. (MA)

Scream Queens, and Killing Machines: When Roleplay and Combat come together as one. (TX).

Spectacles to Testicles: A slang term for eviscerate. (MA) (Editor: Does this happen a lot over there?)

Squishy: A really weak Crunchy such as a basic goblin. can also be used to describe a weak character, I don't think you should be on this one your a little to squishy. (KS)

Secondary treasure split: When the high levels in town sneak the magic items and good components off the table and meet up later to split their ill-gotten gains again. (TX).

Sessuar Emporium: also known as the Sessuar Imperium. Where you go to get your Enslavement gases. (GA)

Shack: (NPC shack) The place the monsters come from.

Shield Breaker: (n), a spell used solely for using up someone's shield magic to allow a second spell in. Ex: "I like to throw a Harm Undead Spell before I use my Death spell. It makes a good shield breaker.

Shield magic: Stops the next non-arcane magical spell thrown at you, call 'shield magic' when struck.

Shift or NPC Shift: (n), to play a few hours as an NPC, usually for max-out. (KS)

Shineys: Any coin, jewelry or gem that can be seen (and therefore snagged). Also, goblins referring to silver.

Shoulda been a rogue: When you run up behind someone and hit them from behind (TX)

Shoulda been a warrior: When someone misses horrible with spells (TX)

Silvas Firestar: Notorious person. Famous for being very powerful, breaking the NERO system of magic items, etc. Powerful character that forced several changes in the rules system.

Sleep Casting: Saying incantations while you are asleep. Especially funny when a marshal demands tags when you awake. See also Noveaux Valdou aka Nova.

Slipped on a Bar of Soap: What happens to PCs that piss off other PCs that are much more powerful than themselves. (Dallas) (GA)

Smoke (insert pronoun) bags: To roll someone or some mob. (IL)

Snatcho: A child who has learned the fine art of pillaging at a young age - often refers to tots of NERO folk who have been taught to grab packets and "shineys" whenever they see them. (TX)

SomeMagic or S'Magic: Calling "7 Magic" so fast that it blurs into something entirely different. (TX).

Spacket: Spell packet. (IL, TX)

Spanked: Soundly defeated.

Sparker: a rogue, fighter, or healer with a small amount of celestial spells. (GA)

Sped: Derogatory term; means ‘un-trainable', un-teachable, without hope, inept, incompetent. (IL, MI) See also ‘Mo'. Some say it means ‘special ed'.

Speed Bump: A person or persons usually of low-level put in the path of an oncoming enemy usually of ridiculous stats for the sole purpose of slowing them down. (MA)

Spell Down, to: To blast something with an overwhelming amount of damage magic until it is dead. (NC)

Spike: To killing blow someone. (MA)

Spork: Slang for templar. The logic being a templar is a lot like a spork. They are kinda useful as a fork, mostly useful as a spoon, but not as useful as either of the two.

Sporked: (adj), To have a column in both schools of magic. (KS) Also, "the act of taking the game, running with it, whilst ignoring plot whatsoever, to the point that there is no way possible under any circumstance that 5 to 8 intelligent individuals with all the powers of a GM can either fix it, or steer it back in the direction they want it to go, ergo they have to just hang on and hope it turns out for the best" (KS)

Spoon: See ‘Ticket'.

Squishy: An NPC, usually a random, with a small card. Supposed to be for newbs, but certain 20+ level characters kinda love taking on 10 of them at a time just to feel big. Also commonly used as an adjective. (PA)

STAB: Whole lotta damage. (TX)

Stack: To place a full amount, or large number, of protectives. (TN).

Stat Card: the requisite list of skills an NPC must carry to show what abilities s/he has as the current creature being played.

Stealth Tactician: See Backtapper (DC).

Stick: getting dropped and not getting back up. (TX) Also, a weapon – usually a sword. (IL)

Stick and Prick: Slang term for the "Florentine" combat style, in which the combatant wields a long sword in one hand and a dirk or dagger in the other. (NC)

Stick it down: Beat it with weapons till it stops moving. One may also say "I got sticked down." (PA)

Stick Jock(ey): Fighter.

Stretching: Monster bait. (TX)

String Plot: Referring to plot meant to string chars into a mod. Originally started when a member of RH plot sent out a piece of string as a plot hook. (MA)

Stuff quest: The act of doing every thing you can to gather money, items, components. (IL)

Stuff quester: Someone who has such a need for stuff that in some cases they have no regard for their own safety or the safety of those in their group. (IL)

Stumpy: A dwarf. a greeting would be "Sup stumpty" (RK?)

Stupid O'clock: the time of night where all coherent thoughts seems to leave a players brains. Where everything becomes funny and IC is basically forgotten. Also known as Treason Hour and Silly Hour. Though Treason Hour is more In Game. (DC)

Styles from the under: Descripition for an excellent fight. "He's got styles from the under". (DC).

Sword and board-fighting: Shield and sword.

Table diver: Someone who climbs over or slides under tables, benches to get to an opponent. (DC).

Tactical Advancement to the Rear: A retreat. (DC) (Editor note: Old military saying.)

Tank: A fighter, usually of high level. (Editor: Also used in on line gaming).

Tapped: (adj), To have used all your skills until reset.

Tax, The: whenever a magic pouch goes more than 100 ft form where a PC got it its always less..... (TX)

Templar tuck: Placing your weapon under your arm, usually near the armpit, to free up your hand for the purpose of casting gas globes or poisons. (IL, MI)

Team Ent.: A term often used to discribe the PCs who are either taking too long to hook, or that are taking way too long to decide something. (MA)

Teams of One: A common dip phrase that means just what it says. Effectively an every man for himself call. Usually only used in extreme instances where less losses are likely to take place if people scatter than when they stand and fight and loose all resources. (DC)

Teh ner mul: Ten normal. (TX)

Textbook: The quintessential way something should be done. (PA)

threshold #: The monster takes only 1 point of damage from any attack <= #. Attacks over # do full damage. Monsters call 'reduced' when this ability is used.

Throwie: A throwing weapon. (PA)

Ticket: Your personal P1 for a Spiritwalk ritual - As in, "Does everyone have their ticket?" (TX) See also ‘spoon'.

Ticket To Ride: Having a power component on you so that you can ride along if someone starts casting a spirit walk. (DC)

time bomb: An NPC who comes to town and pretends to be nice but is waiting for the perfect moment to explode and kill players. (TX)

To Drink from the Cup: An ancient rite used by gypsy clans to turn a worthy gadje into a gypsy. It is said that these gadje have the heart of a gypsy, and it is agreed among gypsy participants that this person should become familia. The ceremony commences by every gypsy spilling a bit of their blood into the sacred cup during which every gypsy gives the gadje some advice. The gadje then drinks the blood. If everyone truly believes that the gadje is to be familia, then his blood will begin to change into that of the gypsies. It is a painful process that may leave the recipient at half his normal body for a month or more. Furthermore, this person can rarely cast above 3rd level spells, nor swing more than 2 until the process is complete. If even one gypsy doesn't think that the gadje should become familia, upon drinking from the cup he or she will be obliterated. (NC)

Tool (toule):

  1. n - The weapon used by a fighter. 'Silvas Firstar had a nice tool, with green flames on it."
  2. v - The act of a fighter attacking something. See "beat down". 'Silvas Firestar tooled me down"
  3. n - A person who is capable of hitting something repeatedly, but is usually unwilling to do much more. 'Jerry typically surrounded himself with tools like [Hero] and Auggie.'
  4. n - A person who is a little slow on the uptake. 'As Jen drove away from the McDonalds, she yelled "You're a tool!" out the window to the guy working the drive-thru.'

Tornoced: To killing blow and then life someone to remove a hindering effect. (IL, TX)

Touch cast(ing): Placing one hand (with spell packet in the hand) upon the person of another for the purpose of casting beneficial spells without activating their magical defenses.

Trading Alchemy for gold: Killing players with gasses and taking their stuff. (TX).

Transform to Ashes: To permanently kill someone. (IL)

Tribute: What a privateer calls his "taxes." (GA)

Troop: a group of Thorneberries. (GA)

Trying to Tornoc: Someone in the other game when I started busting some random rhymes while we re in that same moment. After words I got told 'dude I cant believed you Tornoc'd them' I didn't know what it meant until then. (TX)

Turtling: Hiding your entire body behind a shield without allowing a legal target. Note, this is illegal.

Two Hander: A weapon taking two hands to legally wield.

Two pump chump: Someone who can normally be taken down with only two spells (DC, PA).

Two-shottable: See Two-Shot Chump. Can be expanded on, and even used to brag with. I have three dodges, I'm not even four-shottable by anything with a full boat on. This is going to be an UberMod, I don't want anyone here who is five-shottable or less. (IL, MI, KS)

Two Stick: Wielding two one-handed weapons, typically a longsword/shortsword combo. (Canada)

Two swing: Someone who can normally be taken down with 2 swings of a weapon. (DC).

Uber: Of or having way too much power on the stat card Uber: originated as an NB term in reference to monster size. (Canada)

Undead O'clock: Late at night when plot starts sending random undead into town for no apparent reason (TX)

Vardo (pronounced Wardo): A Gypsy Wagon. (NC)

Wealth: a grouping of Wulfshire. (GA)

Ward: Same as wizard lock but can't be removed with a dispel magic

Waylay: Stealth attack that knocks the victim unconscious for 10 minutes, only a magic armor will stop it. Any damage called is straight to body. Worn armor on the head & neck will protect as follows: Leather: up to 2 Damage, Chain: up to 3 damage, Plate: up to 4 damage.

Web: Binds your arms and legs, your head is free.

Weeble: See ‘Mo'. (TN)

What Do I See?: Over asked question when a) the NPC's are not wearing any make up or look nothing like the monsters they are portraying b) the makeup the NPC's have on is crappy and the players can't figure out what they are suppose to be c) it is dark and the PC's wish to cheat and find out what the heck is out there.

Wizard lock: Magic preventing entrance to a building

Writ: A noble writ. The IG official document signed by some noble to show that you too are a noble. (VA)

Yaw: Meaning "over there" ie. where did they go? -- they went over yaw. A term meaning ‘over there' ("Oh bob? He's over yaw" [points]) or ‘size of something' ("Is his shield legal? Its like yaw big." [uses hands to denote size]) also means ‘very far away' ("Man, we went on this mod and we had to march like yaw" [points in random direction with big eyes to show it was very far]) (PA)

Yellow Tags: The stuff that we keep on our rings that makes us immune to monsters (they used to actually all be yellow). (Editor: magic items). (TX)

Yes I Can Card: Fae. (PA). May also be given out to Dragon Mages. (IL, MI).

You're done: Shut up. Shut up and go away. (IL)

You see what you see: OOG comment when someone says "What do I see" used so that a PC or NPC does not get ganked right away. (FL)

Yo-Yo: A fighter who gets dropped so often that spending more than a cure light on them is a waste. (TX)

Yo-Yo Backpacking: When you use minor heals to get people up so they don't die. Usually used with Cure Light Wounds potions or Cure Light Damage elixirs. Also refers to throwing a healing spell at someone even though he gets hit right away again to reset his death count. (KS)

Credit goes to the following people for helping make this happen:
SA Curtis J. Anderson, Andrew, Anton, Marith Artrell, Scott B, R Bad, Travis Banderbob, Bill/Winston, Rob Blodgett, Renee Brothers, Patrick "Pac" Brown, Annie Boswell, Jeremy Bullard, Dan Burgess, cbinion, Josh Childs, Clint, David Bliss, Steph Conley, Ken Courtney, Daniel, DeAnna, Decoy, Detrick Drake, Logan Horsford, Travis Galvan, John R. Greenwood, Chey Grimhold, Gwalchmai, Janelle, Jenny, Jeremy, Jim, Jones, Derek Jones, Matt Jones, Justin, Kaiya, Karahna, Keno, Kune, Kyle, Kyle Jeffers, Kate, King o the Mountain, Luna, Tom Maatta, Macmccammon, Midget, Myst, Nathan, Nekolisa, Ken Nichols, NERO Lexicon - Marentha Edition (, Sean, Suzanne Osmer, Palor, Rachel, Randy/Perion, Renee, RimingRobin, Rug, Fred Sarkus, Sasarai, Saviente, Dave Schultz, Solana, Denae Stolpa Tiny, Tosscobble, Tusk, Marcus Two-Swords, DuncanWilliams, Yarrick, Matt Jones (Zaz)