Enter The Combat Swipe File Contest – Deadline Feb 27

Roleplaying Tips reader Adam made the following Tips Request recently:

“The other issue is coming up with descriptions that aren’t repetitive after the 3rd combat.”

I have the same problem. And it’s time to fix it for everybody.

Let’s do a new contest.

The prizes will be MyInfo software and some PDF GM books.

You can enter multiple times for a chance to win more than once!

Here’s how to enter

Fill out a short combat description for each item in this block:

  • Melee attack success:
  • Ranged attack success:
  • Spell attack success:
  • Defense / miss:
  • Insult / challenge:

One or two lines for each is perfect.

For example:

  • Melee attack success: “Your weapon whistles through the air and opens an angry wound in your foe’s brow.”
  • Ranged attack success: “With a loud THOINK! your missile penetrates your foe’s armour and he screams in pain and rage.”
  • Spell attack success: “As the dying words of your incantation float into the air, there’s a sudden sizzling sound followed by a brilliant flash. Your foe staggers and grunts in pain.”
  • Defense / miss: “Your foe’s foul breath almost overwhelms you as he laughs heartily at your feeble swing.”
  • Insult / challenge: “You think that’s tough? I’ll show you tough! Watch out puny bug, I’m about to step on you.”

I’d like your entries to contain one description for each item in the block so I get a good balance of answers. I’ll edit the entries and repost them for us all to build our swipe files with.

Entry deadline is Feb 27, 2012.

I can tell this is going to be a fun contest. Bring on your combat prose, gory descriptions and best trash talk!

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