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RPT#287 – Take Ten: Appraise

A Brief Word From Johnn RSS Feeds Available Thanks to the hard work of volunteer Steve Bollenbaugh, the e-zine now has an RSS feed! Point your reader to: https://www.roleplayingtips.com/rss/roleplayingtips.xml If you have an RSS 2.0 enabled reader, try: https://www.roleplayingtips.com/rss/roleplayingtips2.xml For info about RSS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_%28file_format%29 Thanks Steve! Where Are The Classifieds? Earlier this year I polled […]

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RPT#285 – Ignorance And Fear

A Brief Word From Johnn Serenity Movie Is Great If you’re a Firefly fan and haven’t seen Serenity yet, I highly recommend it. My wife and I finally saw it last week. Fun sci-fi with great characters! Technical Language Article Milan Cirovic has penned us a great, technical article titled Creating Fantasy Names and Scrolls. […]

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RPT#280 – Readers Write In

A Brief Word From Johnn Thunderbird Working Well I switched from Outlook late last year after another round of trying to recover corrupted data. After checking out various applications, I finally opted for Thunderbird. It’s been nearly a year of using it, and I’m glad to report it’s working well for me. E-mail is stored […]

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RPT#272 – A Simple Method For Campaign Creation: Managing Complex Systems Over Time In A Campaign World

A Brief Word From Johnn Expeditious Retreat Press Monster Tips Contest Is Over Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted later this week. 10,000 Random Magical Effects – Revised Orrex has revised his excellent 10,000 random magical effects tables, which are perfect for magic item generation, wild spell […]

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RPT#269 – Core Stories In D&D

A Brief Word From Johnn The Expeditious Retreat Press Monster Tips Contest It’s contest time again and Expeditious Retreat Press has kindly agreed to sponsor it! Entry is easy; just send in a monster, alien, or critter-related tip: how to build, how to roleplay, tweak tips. combat tips, encounter tips, and so on. Multiple entries […]

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