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Campaign Logger

A game-changing GM organization and campaign management tool. Our unique tagging system automagically organizes your NPCs, encounters, and treasure so you can focus on storytelling.

Faster Combat

The world’s first school for game masters! This in-depth online course shows you exactly how to cut your combat encounter times in half and double the drama and story at the same time.

NPC Essentials

Critically acclaimed and ENnie winning guide to crafting, roleplaying, and GMing three dimensional NPCs for any game system and genre. This book will make a difference to your GMing.


RPT#642: “I only have 30 minutes to prepare for a game” What do you do?
Tips and ideas on how to panic and get ready for a game with only 30 minutes to prepare. I'm going to assume you don't just wing it 100%. That requires no prep time except to go to the store to buy snacks. :) Instead, I'm going to say you GM like me, where you want some ideas, notes, and rough plans, because you like a safety net and enjoy having at least some material to riff off of during the session.
RPT#632: How To Create Your Own Combat Missions
Want to design your own combat missions, fully tailored to the people, places, and things of your campaign? Today you'll learn how to do this, including what design questions to ask and answer along the way. Let total annihilation scenarios take a back seat while you light a fire under your combat creativity.
RPT#631: Combat Missions: Adding Glorious Stories to Gruesome Struggles
Brief Word From Johnn Dungeon Crawl Classics Is A Classic I had a blast this past weekend playing the DCC[...]

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