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Campaign Logger

A game-changing GM organization and campaign management tool. Our unique tagging system automagically organizes your NPCs, encounters, and treasure so you can focus on storytelling.

Faster Combat

The world’s first school for game masters! This in-depth online course shows you exactly how to cut your combat encounter times in half and double the drama and story at the same time.

NPC Essentials

Critically acclaimed and ENnie winning guide to crafting, roleplaying, and GMing three dimensional NPCs for any game system and genre. This book will make a difference to your GMing.


RPT#695: Crossing Swords With Factions – How To Build Quick Guilds For Your Kingdom
A guild is a group of artisans or merchants who joined together in an association to protect their members and control their trade in a specific area. Non-guild members attempting to ply their trade would either find themselves persuaded to sign up or be quickly run out of town. Guilds have become a popular feature of fantasy RPGs, with the idea of the thieves' guild being almost ubiquitous. This article discusses what sorts of guilds populate a fantasy kingdom and how you can construct a capsule stat block for a guild in your campaign.
RPT#694: Villainous Banter: Using Propp’s Reconnaissance Scene
Bypassing a trapped stairwell, they descend into a room with three terrible monsters (umber hulks) trapped behind bars on one side and a tough metal door on the other. The Hobos quietly investigate. However, they hear a voice on the other side of the door: "Has anyone got pants?" Then a loud thunder crack nearly shatters the portal. This enrages the umber hulks and the creatures start battering their cage. The portal opens. On the other side is a shovel-wielding pantless half-elf. (Welcome new player James and his bard, Captain William Blien!) "Hello. I have no pants. Can you help?"
RPT#693: How to Roleplay NPC Mannerisms
Memorable non-player characters are distinct. Whether you created an NPC or it came out of a published adventure, it is up to you as game master to make each quest giver, tavern goer, and orc slaver different from the rest. The key to creating a believable, distinct cast lies in your performances. This might seem daunting, especially since every other player at the table has only one character to worry about while you have dozens.

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