Contest – Enter Your 3 Minute Magic Items to Win RPG Books & Software

Image of CameoIt’s time for another reader contest. Let’s put the 3 Minute Magic Items template I posted last week to use.

You can create cool treasure for your campaign and enter a contest at the same time!

Gator Games is sponsoring the contest and you can win some great books from them.

How To Enter

Follow the 3 Minute Magic Item template described below to create a magic item.

Email me your magic item creation or post it as a comment below.

Multiple entries are welcome!

Prizes Up For Grabs

Care of Gator Games (available to North Americans only due to shipping restrictions):

  • Wraith Recon Core Rulebook for use with D&D 4th Edition
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 for D&D 4th Edition
  • Monster Manual 2 for D&D 4th Edition
  • The Adamantine Arrow for Mage the Awakening
  • Player’s Guide for Aces and Eights
  • Fantasy Craft Core Rulebook from Crafty Games

And these prizes are available to anyone in the world:

How to Win

There will be three sets of prize draws: Nov 7, Nov 21 and Dec 5

All entries submitted before each date will be eligible for each draw. So enter early and often.

Winners will be drawn at random.

Don’t worry about the quality of your writing – I’ll help edit.

As always, entries will be given back to the community after the contest, so you’ll be helping your fellow GMs too.

If you have any questions, drop me a note.

Here’s the stat block template to use for your entries:

  • Awesome Name
  • Appearance
  • Benefit
  • Drawback
  • Lore
  • Twist

Check out the full articles about 3 Minute Magic Items to learn more about what each stat block item is about.

Thanks to Gator Games for their sponsorship!

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Ok, I’ll give it a go.

Awesome Name: The Heart of Tyra
Appearance: This small, blood red crystal, could fit in the palm of your hand. It is cold to the touch, and sends out a gentle pulse every few seconds. Held in secondary hand like a shield (arms item).
Benefit/Drawback: (immediate reaction/Encounter) When you, or an adjacent ally, fail a saving throw against ongoing poison or untyped damage spend a healing surge and that effect ends.
Lore: Rumored to be a fragment of the heart, of the long deposed goddess of death, this items was first recovered by adventures in a stronghold in Dis.
Twist: Dispater desperately wants this item back for some reason, and his agents will be sure to alert him should they encounter it.


NAME: The Blade-Out-Of-Time

APPEARANCE: This long sabre looks ancient and craggly and far-flung and futuristic, all at the same time.

EFFECTS: +2 sword, casts Blur 2/day, True Strike 3/day, OR Slow 1/day
HIDDEN BENEFIT: Spells may be mixed/matched, but no more than 3 spells may be cast per day.

DRAWBACK: Upon using any spell, the user finds themselves vaulted to another point in time and space. The character is teleported 1d3/spell level squares in a random direction, including up or down. If the teleport places them within a solid object, they are immediately moved to the nearest open square, and dealt 1d6 dmg per square moved, as a Blink spell.

Hundreds of years ago, a cunning artificer crafted this blade using notes he would send back to himself from after its completion.

Shortly after, a dictator would steal those notes and the blade, using them to build an empire, and to design a means of communicating with himself in the future, alerting himself of any possible threats to the throne.

Years later, a bandit unconvered and used the Blade-out-of-time, and was accidentally transported into the grips of an otherworldly terror, awakening it, and sending it on a gruesome path.

Sean Holland

Name – Staff of the White Lord
Appearance – An impossibly white staff that glows in even the dimmest light.
Benefit – Any spell of light or purity cast using the staff as a focus is increased in its potency. The wearer gains additional protection any darkness based magic.
Drawback – The staff subtly tries to reform the morals of its wielder, towards an impossible level of purity.
Lore – Said to be crafted out of a tear of the first mother. The Staff has been used to fight darkness for an eternity often finding its way to someone fighting against evil.
Twist – The powers of darkness always know the location of this staff, they do not seek its destruction, instead they try to use it to disrupt the plans of their rivals.

Thomas Drevon

Vicious Staff of the Highspank

5′ long plain wooden staff with an oar-like flatness at one end, and a knob at the other.

o +2 enhancement and Vicious.
o Whenever the wielder has the opportunity, melee attacks are always directed at the opponents behind (For humanoids. For non-humans, figure out the equivalent). Flanking, among other situations, triggers this opportunity. When the opponent is thusly spanked (i.e. takes damage), a free Intimidate check may be directed at the opponent. The staff grants one such intimidate attempt per round, and use of this attempt is announced after damage has been confirmed.
o When 1 charge is spent and the command word “This gives me no pleasure!” is spoken in a booming voice, the wielder may cast Pain Strike (
o When 1 charge is spent and the command word “We punish the ones we love!” is spoken in a booming voice, the wielder may cast Blistering Invective (
o Spell effects are cast at character level.

Even though the Viscous weapons deals damage to the wielder, this is not perceived as pain, but rather slightly pleasurable. Not strictly addictive, but definitely something the wielder will want to come back to. Unless taking pleasure from spanking others is against the wielders moral convictions. If so, interesting dilemmas may arise.

The Vicious Staff of the Highspank is a unique item, and was commissioned made by the Patras Smakkas, high monk of the pious Wounded Owl order, for use on his deserving disciples. “Highspank” became Patras nickname among his disciples from the day he acquired the staff. After Patras death, the staff was lost, emerging newly when a village baker used it as a bread spade, unaware of it’s significance.

The staff may also be used as a paddle oar, the knob at the opposite-spanking-end facilitating this. Whether or not this was an original design intention, is unknown.


    lol dude kinky staff there, haha. very nice


Awesome Name: Zaelstrom’s Ring of Foresight

Appearance: The ring is black/Onyx in color, and contains a single stone set in the middle that is white in color with blackish swirling in it. There are also small, intricate designs carved into the ring… probably runes of some ancient language or magical numbers system. One strange, magical feature of the ring is that it automatically magically conforms to the size of the wearers finger… enabling it to fit anyone perfectly.

Benefit: This ring enables it’s wearer to see small glimpses of the very near future before they happen. The user must decide to use it before the action takes place, and the ring will only show the very near future (a matter of seconds) and what will occur in the very near proximity (the surrounding ten feet… everything else is blacked out ). The ring does not inherently cost anything to use ( or so the player believes ), and gives the character a +2 (or maybe even more) bonus to whatever action is taken that was benefited by seeing the future. In other words, a character would get to add +2 to armor class when defending against an attack he saw coming because he used the ring, etc. Using the ring takes one turn.

Drawback: Unknown to the user, there are two drawbacks to this ring. First, every time the ring is used, it magically ‘tightens’ its grip on the user. Not physically, but magically. Every time it is used, the dc needed to remove the ring is increased by +1 (or more, depending upon your characters level). The second drawback is that, after repeatedly using the ring, the wearer will start to have hallucinations. At first they will seem small, but they will get more and more serious as the wearer uses the ring more. After time, the ring may even cause the wearer to attack a friend because a hallucination made him think it was a foe, etc. The ring basically plays tricks with the characters mind.

Lore: The ring was forged from a crashed meteorite by a powerful, yet acutely insane wizard named Zaelstrom. He made the ring as a gift for another wizard named Thoraf. Thoraf used the ring to great affect, but eventually died a very mysterious death … and the very powerful ring of foresight was not seen again.

Twist: What the players may not learn until it is too late is that the ring crafted by Zaelstrom was actually made to trick Thoraf, whom Zaelstrom held in great contempt. Thoraf did not realize until it was too late that the ring had, in fact, driven him insane as well. When he learned that he could not physically remove the ring, he tried to cut off his finger… but in his state of hallucination, he removed the wrong finger. Ten times he attempted, and by the time he removed the right finger, he had bled to death. The ring will try to trick players into removing the wrong fingers, or even the wrong arm… however, it cannot stop another player from removing the correct one. It will only trick it’s wearer. Also, in predictions, the ring is always a black void of light… the ring is never seen in it’s own predictions.

Ben Naveaux

Name: Ninangot
Translated: Blot on the Landscape

Appearance: This 4 foot long 2 inch wide staff appears to be made of a constantly rotting branch of a scarlet oak tree that oozes a viscous dark red sap.

This staff can hold ten charges and can channel the following spells.
Stinking Cloud – 1 Charge
Cloud Kill – 2 charges
Blight – 2 charges

In addition it counts as a +1 club that deals double damage to living creatures and plants.

When its name is spoken and it is set into the ground it grows into a throne of gnarled rotting branches and roots. Plant and insect life within 30 feet of the throne begin to wither and die.

Drawback: Wielder takes a cumulative -1 penalty on fortitude saves until user fails a save.

Ninangot was first carved by Stonestalker the goblin shaman from the branch of a tree in Bridgevale that his companions had been hung from.

A year later Abigail Sparks representative of the messenger guild found the residents of Bridgevale dead and bodies riddled with disease, a lone rotting goblin body was found leaning against a tree in the center of town clasping Ninangot in its hands.

Abigail Sparks declared officially missing after a month without reporting in, last sighted along the king’s road, citizens alerted to stay away from her if found and report the sighting to the nearest Messenger Guild representative.

Twist: The last user of Ninangot finds that all food tastes foul and rotten to their tongue and causes them to feel queasy. In addition the last user of Ninangot never suffers the negative effects of a disease although they still contract and spread it.

    Ben Naveaux

    Okay to clarrify the drawback since several people seemed confused. Basically you get a -1 on your first fort save while holding the item. -2 on the second -3 on the third etc. Once you fail one it resets to -1 The item doesn’t force fort saves just effects others you take so.So, I make a fort to resist poison. I do it at -1. Then I get afflicted by nausea, and have to do that one at -2. I fail the third for sickening touch, and thus reset to -1

Curt Woodard

Awesome Name: Spirit Crafter

Appearance: For all intents and purposes, Spirit Crafter resembles a normal dirk or long, thin dagger. It’s only distinguishing feature is a semi-translucent gem embedded within the base of the blade.

Benefit: On a successful hit that causes maximum damage, the target of the attack becomes insubstantial until the start of the wielder’s next turn in lieu of taking damage. Otherwise the target grants combat advantage to the wielder of Spirit Crafter.

Drawback: The wielder is marked by and grants combat advantage to the insubstantial target.

Lore: Lacerian was a master assassin of the blue order. Many political figures, direct threats, and innocent bystanders fell to his cruel blade. Unbeknownst to Lacerian, the collected souls of his victims possessed the assassin’s blade.

Upon the supposed completion of his next mission, Lacerian was taken by surprise when an upstart Captain of the Guard did not die at the assassin’s hand and instead became ghost-like. No matter how many swings Lacerian threw at his target, he was unable to connect.

In a strange turn of events, Lacerian met his death at the hands of his last target whereupon the Captain turned the assassin’s blade back upon his attacker and slit Lacerian’s throat.

Twist: Good characters do not trigger the effect when attacking an evil or evil-doing creature. Neutral characters do not trigger the effect when attacking an evil character. Evil characters trigger the effect if half or more of maximum damage is rolled against any target.

Alexey Uvarov

Name: Skullcracker Of Pacifism

Appearance: A huge and heavy maul. It looks almost like any other maul, but 1) there are ineffaceable stains of dried blood on its head and 2) a bronze plate with an inscription “Thou Shalt Not Kill” intricately carved on it is cut into the handle of the maul so that the wielder of that weapon can read it almost all the time.

Benefit: Good characters get a +2 attack bonus with that weapon.

Drawback: When you successfully hit an enemy AND the result of your damage roll is enough to kill him, instead do this:
add a -4 penalty to your attack roll. If it still does reach the target’s AC, then deal that enemy an amount of nonlethal damage equal to your damage roll (if it was a critical hit, it remains a critical hit) else you MISS. Note: though the benefit affect only Good characters, the drawback affects any wielder.

Lore: Prince Vlad of La-Nnaris was a well trained warrior and a seasoned commander, but in spite of that he had never happened to kill anyone for quite a long time. One day and assassin had entered his tent, intending to eliminate Vlad. The prince did protect himself though and crushed the assassin’s skull with a maul. The disgusting look of a trepanated corpse turned inside out the entire soul of Vlad. That night he decided to prevent himself any other murders, at all cost. So he hired a wizard to enchant the maul so that no one could kill with it.
When a wielder of the maul tries to kill someone, the encantment corrects tre trajectory of the weapon so that the enemy only gets incapacitated. The power of that enchantment is difficult to cope with – that’s why during such “corrections” the wielder can simply miss.

    Alexey Uvarov

    forgot to add:
    Lore: …so that no one could kill wtih it. Since then the blood on the weapon’s head doesn’t disappear, reminding of the hideousness of any murder (then continues)

    Twist: if the current user of Skullcracker of Pacifism has murdered anyone before, the memory of that kill rises in his mind any time he grabs the weapon.


3 Minute Magic Item
Name: Bestiary
Appearance: An old and heavy tome fitted with a sorts of notes and tags, and filled with the penmanship of a hundred scholars.
Benefit: An inherent +1 to 5 bonus on a Knowledge Check made for a monster. (Range varies on DM’s choice.) And once per day it can summon a random monster. (DM’s discretion.)
Lore: This book was started by a scholarly wizard who desired to identify and categorize all monsters and beasts. Thirty years into his travels and studies and he realized that the world was too vast for his goals. And thus he passed his legacy to his apprentice, and his on to the next. The tome has gathered so many points of view and personal experiences that it makes it a challenging but useful read. Those who come across it may still add to the tome’s wealth.
Twist: It may have adverse affects if a monstrous race character gets his hands on it.

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