Turn Terrain Into A Monster

Swamp TerrainFrom Mark of the Pixie

Sometimes I will stat up a terrain (i.e. the swamp of nightmare) as a monster to make travel interesting.

Over the hours, days or weeks it will harass the PCs with its attacks (swarms of insects, thorns) and use its special abilities against them (bog pits, gas fires, nightmares, paranoia).

It is mindless, and the rounds are normally hours or days, but it puts the conflict for survival into a familiar form.

PCs might need to defend with wilderness skills, and there is no way to attack or injure the swamp.


I like the idea. (But be sure not to allow full rests in such a terrain).

However, if you see the defeat as finding a way to savely travel through it, you might be able to defeat it.

In this way, damage to the “monster” could be seen as:
– The distance that have to be travelled.
– The ability of the terrain to surprise the inhabitants.
– …

I know it is a bit abstract, but in this way you can even use a monster directly out of the book.

Johnn Four

Great ideas, Jocewyn. I especially like travel distance as damage.

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