When You Need To Cast In Secret

FractalFrom Morgan Joeck

One thing that bothered me when I first started gaming was identifying the spell I was casting when those around me would not have known what it was.

My solution to that was to print out colorful fractals or other designs on index cards and fold them into little envelopes containing the spell name and other information the GM needed inside each one.

Creating one envelope for each spell allowed me a simple way of knowing which spells I had prepared for the day and how many castings of each I had left.

I also thought it would make sense for the other players to learn something as we all adventured together.

Therefore, I used the same design each time I prepared a given spell and tried to coordinate the main colors of the design with the type of spell.

Michael Beck

I’m compelled to this one. What kind of information is written in the envelopes and do you reuse the spell-envelopes?

When the other players have found out which fractal corresponds to which spell, do you change it? To make it harder for the other players one could also use two or three different fractals for one spell.

I just got an idea: When one levels up, one could zoom in (or out) of the fractal just to show, that the spell is getting stronger :) so the fractal still looks familiar enough but changes over time reflecting that the spellcaster is looking more competent as she levels.


I used the same fractal/design for the same spell each time figuring that the characters would learn that as well. I included the basics of the spell for my GM such as name, family, distance, effect size, required components, etc. Also, though I never implemented it, I had considered using predominately blue spells for one family, predominately red spells from another and so on. That was a tad too much work though! :-)

I like the leveling-up idea. Perhaps changing the saturation could work too.

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