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Highlights of Session #2 - 22NOV99

Johnn: Dungeon Master
Bill: Coldour
Bob: Zigg / (Jacopo)
Barney: Skurt
Biff: Butch

  • Full attendance. Thank you!
  • No deaths this time around :(
  • Sabine begs one more time for you to end your suicide mission
  • A mysterious stranger seeks copper bracers--family heirloom
  • The party leaves the last post of civilization on a heroic quest to save their friend
  • A strange bird gets speared
  • The Bee Man gives directions--a book is revealed. You tell him your story and enjoy his hospitality. During the night Coldour & Zigg have a strange dream that ends in a maggot-full pit.
  • On Day 2 you discover the Caves of Chaos! Congrats!
  • The highest, farthest cave is tackled first. The "cave" is actually a stone lintel with red & black veins.
  • Change of plans. Another cave is tackled--one barred by a sturdy door. Inside a torture cave is discovered. Surprise attack from a horrible monster in a vat. Beyond that is a long tunnel leading to a door. The other side is blocked by rubble.
  • The sessions ends in victory: the Caves of Chaos have been rediscovered and you are one step closer to rescuing Jacopo...if he's still alive.

The Bee Man
The Mysterious Stranger in blue robes

The end of the Trader's Road. Perched along the banks of the River Shrill, nestled in the foothills, this isolated frontier settlement is the last stop on the caravan routes. The mile wide river is all that separates the Fort from the shadowy bulk known as "The Hill," a place of nameless terrors and ancient legend.

The fog-shrouded crests and densely wooded slopes of The Hill loom ominously over the tiny settlement. On clear days, The Hill's rocky cliffs can be seen jutting from its bulky mass, but the view is usually obscured by gouts of steam that seem to rise from outlets on The Hill itself.

This mysterious mountain has long been rumoured to shelter bands of vicious monsters. Only the awesome waters of the Shrill have prevented them from invading the under-garrisoned fort. Several groups of mercenaries and rogues have crossed the river to explore The Hill's summits and face the wicked monsters in the past, but none on them have ever been heard from again.

"The people of Rhoona are heretics. They worship false gods. Primus is punishing them with 100 years of insane rulers."

"Don't go anywhere near that Guido's Fort. It's full of back-country goblin-eaters who prefer to keep things in the family...if you know what I means..."

"Merchants say The Inquisition is comin' this way. I hope they round all d'em witches 'n wizards up and BURN 'EM!!!! Hahahahaha..."

  • How did the first wizard learn magic?
  • What the hell is up with that vat thing? Was that creature alive or dead?
  • Who does Sabine like more, Butch the ex-con, Skurt 1/2-ears, Zigg the All Seeing or Coldour?
  • Do all strange birds need to be frightened of you now?

Biff: phone# omitted email omitted
Bob: phone# omitted email omitted
Bill: phone# omitted email omitted
Barney: phone# omitted email omitted
Johnn: phone# omitted email omitted

Monday, December 6th, 6:30pm, at Bill's
Bill - Pasta Sauce
Johnn - Noodles, Salt & Fresh Breath
Dan - Chips/snack
Bob - Salad
Barney - Veggies or snack