Quick Editing Help Needed

[Update April 14: Thanks very much to the great editors who helped out! The files have all been taken care of now. Stay tuned for more news about the Combat Swipes.]

Howdy Roleplaying Tips fan!

I’ve just compiled all the raw entries from the Combat Swipe File contest.

They have been broken up into short sections and I could use your help editing them.

If you like editing and have a few minutes to spare, please visit the shared Google Documents below and get your red pen out.

Thanks so much for your help!

Once the editing is done, I’ll start publishing the entries in the GM tips newsletter, and I’ll also be compiling them into a free PDF for Roleplaying Tips readers.

Melee Attack

Melee Ranged

Spell Attack


Insults & Challenges


Why does it say that editing is locked to me? Google Docs supports multiple users editing the same document, so why not use it?

Measle Truly

Do the entries need to be modified to a more standard form? Some of the more descriptive ones have particular races, characters, weapons etc. which may interfere with use.

    Johnn Four

    That’s a good question. If it does not interfere with the flavour (i.e. turn an entry into something bland) feel free to modify.

    I agree with you – an interesting description that’s not dependent on having specific types of foes is more useful.

Tarion's Cousin

I edited Insults & Challenges tonight. I was an English teacher, copy editor, editor, and awesome lover, so hopefully my minor changes help.

Andrew Roberts

How has your editing work been going on? I hope you are managing well after you got that tip from Mononofu.



Hmmm… came here too late. I’d love to help out the next time. Just email me. :)


Sherry B

Good thing all the files are already edited! Next time you need help, email me, okay? Looking forward to the newsletter!

Thanks for sharing!



Next time maybe. Now waiting for the publishing. Hoping for a great one!


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