Minis giveaway winners selected and contacted

Arcane Heroes minis

Enter minis tips for a chance to win a pack of D&D Heroes minis

I just finished contacting all the randomly selected winners of the minis giveaway. I had to word the emails carefully to avoid them getting flagged as spam. Words like contest, winner, free and others are killers on deliverability.

Here is a list of winners to check just in case you were selected and my email got trashed or filtered. Contact me if this has happened.

  • g.tait
  • daniel.c….mn@g….com (2x winner!)
  • guedo7…@g….com
  • Donovan.Mc….@draftf….za
  • mike.mona…
  • alex…@bou…
  • klydesdale…@tel….net
  • acedrum…@com….net
  • renemare…@coop….ca
  • mpolley…@gma….
  • jermw…@gma….

Congrats to the winners. Everyone who entered should get a pat on the back – I am assembling your tips now for republication in the newsletter so that every GM wins. Subscribe to the bi-weekly game master tips newsletter to get notified when the tips are available.


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