Where can I find cheap minis online?

cheap minis online

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A reader emailed me this week with a request on where to buy cheap minis online. I know I have stumbled onto a couple of good sites in the past, but darned if I can find the links now.

So I tweeted the request and got some great replies. Thanks folks. Now I’m posting to the RPT blog to see if you have any bookmarks or preferred places online to get great minis for a low price.

Where to find cheap minis online

The list so far:

Also, this article was pointed out to me that might be of interest to you: Fistful of Lead: All the Monsters on a Budget.

So, where else can RPT readers find cheap minis online?

(BTW, time is running out for a chance to win packs of D&D minis. Enter the contest now before it ends.)

Darth Vayne

Two of my favorite sites for minis are Augies, the best prices on the internet for the most part.


Or Coolstuffinc which usually has a better selection but is a bit more expensive.


The best resource to find the minis you need from across the intertubes and the various prices from sites all over the net is abprices.


Hope this is useful.


One of the best places to go for minis shopping is here: http://www.abprices.com/

The site isn’t fancy, but it finds the best prices on minis and allows you compare them. It then provides direct links to the stores selling them.


    ABPrices excludes stores, though, so it’s not a comprehensive list. They only tout certain stores and exclude others from being allowed into the comparisons, even when they are as good or better. Best deals are probably found on eBay.

Jonathan Drain

Thanks for the link!

Newbie DM’s tokens tutorial is good too, though tokens are not strictly miniatures.


Hey how about the rest of the world like the UK – anything besides fleabay?



It’s a bit of work with cutting them out, but I’ve really enjoyed OneMonk’s line of paper miniatures – I’ve used them a lot:


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