Assassins – September’s RPG Blog Carnival

RPG Blog CarnivalAssassins are tantalizing. They fill the books and movies we love. They dangle the potential of great gaming in front of our noses. They are this month’s killer RPG Blog Carnival topic.

How Do I Participate in the RPG Blog Carnival?

To participate in an RPG Blog Carnival, just write a blog post that matches to the month’s theme. For September, it’s assassins.

Then post a comment below with a link back to your post so it can get published at the month-end wrap-up.

Please be sure to include a link in your post back to this blog carnival hub post.

What Should I Write About?

You can write anything as long as it relates to assassins in some way.

Tell me a story about an assassin in one of your games. Or talk about assassins as PCs or NPCs. Or talk about an assassination encounter or plot.

Tell me what bugs you about assassins.

I find they are something with huge gaming potential, but hard to pull off well. What player wants his character assassinated? And assassins as PCs are tricky because they tend to be evil loner types, which does not suit typical team-style RPG gameplay.

Maybe tell us about Assassins Gone Wrong. Have you ever employed an assassin in a game and the encounter went poorly?

I remember one time in a Cyberpunk 2020 game a friend GM’d where my PC was shot by an assassin sniper in the first minutes of the game. I was shocked at first, but then we were all laughing. What a way to start a campaign! We were careful PCs after that.

Tell us your stories.

Ok, It’s Time To Write

So, take a stab at this month’s topic, post your blog link below, and link back to here in your post.

I look forward to reading your post!


Sorry so brief – text entry on this phone is a bear.


And by coincidence, I just happen to have some thoughts on Assassins for my own little home brew.


I quick wrote a piece about assassins in my home game.

Aras Tremandur

This is my post about the theme, it is in spanish…


Another article about the assassins and its world. It’s in spanish too, enjoy!

Athal Bert

Hi, the Assassins theme it’s good enough for two post! Here there’s another, in spanish too:

Salient Knight

My 2 cents on Assassin’s. Should they be a class type or a character type?

Board Enterprises

I have a different take on assassins, and it’s not just semantics.


A look at three assassin archetypes – just a job to do.

Thanks for hosting this month’s Carnival!


I have added my own contribution, at . This article describes several poisons and items which assassins might use in a world with magic, healing spells, and other obstacles to making death more than a minor speedbump.

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